who are the liedel’s and what is liedel fiber art?

We are a family of seven living intentionally in Ann Arbor, MI. We believe in consuming in a manner that cares for our family and those around us, as well as earth friendly, and animal friendly practices.

Our head dyer is Nancy, the mom and podcaster of the group. Her husband, Gene assists with dye set-up and the website. Their five boys ranging in age from 11 – 18, help as they can. Eugene packages and mails the yarn. Andres helps set the yarn up for dyeing with additional ties to prevent tangling and checking for knots. Zach assists with bookwork and colorway approval, as well as modeling all our men’s wear. He really is a handsome young man, we can say that because he is adopted and did not get our genes. Herne and JJ approve all colors, or at least they attempt to. Distraction happens. This is very much a family business and everyone has a role to play. We started our company to bring our family together with a goal of financial independence and fun. This is our collective dream and we are incredibly happy to be working towards our goals together.

All yarn is dyed in a studio we converted from our dining room. Pans, heating elements and yarn storage are all held in that room and although we have kitties, we don’t allow them in the room with the yarn. All yarn is dyed with professional quality acid and pre-metalized dyes with citric acid. Colors likely to run, are held in the acid bath longer, to promote a greater degree of wash-fastness. Colors are set in the yarn, although you may experience some minor bleeding when you first wash your garments. Always wash in cool water, with a very mild dish-soap, wool wash, such as Eucalid or S.O.A.K. you can even use a mild biodegradable dish detergent on your projects. We do, we wash all out projects in scented dish detergent that is earth friendly and biodegradable.   There is no need to use Woolite.  Please feel free to e-mail support@liedelfiber.com with any questions. We are here 9am to 5pm Eastern time, Monday – Friday for you. You can expect an answer the same day, if we get our mail before 5, the next business day on weekends and American holidays.