Attacking Life with Joy!

I have a serious case of Attacking the Startup Oddness. Attacking my fears. Get it going already!!! Have I said this enough? If you don’t think so, you have not been as afraid of being an idiot as I am.

Attacking the Edits to Product
Attacking Yarn Edits


Attacking the Web Hassle!

At first I was all, “how hard can a website be?” Hard. I am a WordPress idiot, wrapped in a moron. I’ve got classes I’m taking online, but then there is work too. So, ya know what? I’m hiring someone to do the website, the logo and if I ever get my house clean enough, someone to clean my house. .silliness

Don’t tell me you have no idea why someone would clean their house for a house cleaner. Anyone who has hired one and is female, probably gets it. My kids aren’t going to start anytime soon.

Attacking my Dreams

I want a static front page. I want my blog posts to show up under, “blog.” I want my dang shop to integrate into this. I want my podcast to start. I want, wah, wah, wah, fine whine.

Am I whining about starting a business, attacking the details? YES!! Why? Have you started one? Do you have advice?

I watched both my parents start two. One flourished, one, not so much. My mom did the most whining. She also did the most work, the most thinking, and did not think she knew it all. My dad has always been a bit of a, “out of my way, you are young and can’t tell me anything.” Nothing wrong with that. I have a strong decision maker in me too. Mom was more undecided. However, she was also not afraid to fail and look bad. Dad does not like to fail. Mom told me failure made success. Good thing, because she took an accounting class for her business and cried over it. I detest accounting. I need an accountant too.

Attacking life, like my Mom did!

All this leads to is an understanding that to be a success at business, you cannot be afraid to ask, fall on your butt and get up again. Even if you break something in the process. I’ve been successful in life and a rabid failure. Failing has not killed me. It has not made me strong, or any other idiot term, it’s just been something to get through and learn from. Truthfully, after I left soap, I was and am terrified, scared I’ll be horrible at anything else. Pure stupidity, because I do dye well.

Attacking My YouTube Like BobWilson123

Today I watched a video by a woman on YouTube who uses the handle, “Bob Wilson123.” She teaches crochet. She is a treat to listen to. Her voice is delightful and she is from Australia. I love that accent. Of course to her, no accent, but to me? Delight. I love her work and her life. It’s not like mine and it is. She is just a delightful person. However, and I say this with love, she went on and on about how boring she is. She is not!!! I love her stuff. I love it when she talks about her life. She may seem boring to her, but to someone who lives in Michigan, it’s an adventure. I mean she lives in Australia! There are dangerous snakes and spiders and things that go, “hop,” in the night. How awesome? Not that I’d go there. I have a horrible fear of spiders. Silly, because everything has a purpose, but 8 legs and I get freaked. I can’t even look at a crab for cripes sake. So, while travel is in my blood, Australia is right out.

She is fabulous. Not at all boring. What I’m trying to say, is people who blog about what they consider mundane need to never apologise to those of us who are mystified and delighted by what they are and how they attack life. After all. We all know where the X is. Hitting it is an option.

Not Afraid to Attack the Mundane.

To this end, I will not apologise for mundanity. Mundane happens and to the hurry-scurry life I had before. When I worked and traveled for it out of the state, this is sublime. Double wide heaven that needs work. So, no apologies when you write. Oh, and if you want to start writing, do it. Who cares who is reading. I have a wonderful record of my life in a blog that is backed up on a cloud, from another time in my life. I have that forever and my kids do, and hopefully, their kids.

Actually Attacking the Tackle of Something, other than fine whine!

Okay, now I have to figure this all out. I also have to attack Craigslist and find someone local to do my work. Why local? I’m in Ann Arbor, MI. A city teaming with students that want to work at a fair price. Not a discount. Too many people try to cheapen the work a student does. Sometimes innovation takes a new person. To see through the eyes of the student. Sometimes a student is the best master.

Attacking it all!!! Attacking it all and having fun. I don’t have to choose, right?

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