Fiber Vision and Growth

I wanted the kids involved…I honestly did. I wanted less than I got. Somehow we got growth before opening and we have a vision! The kids are mostly almost adults now, or adults and they have ideas of their own. Not ready to strike out on their own, we put them under LFA’s umbrella. We have insurance and a line of really interesting fiber art and clothing, as well as yarn. We also have a web host that can handle the credit cards as well as Paypal. What does that mean? We’re opening, soon. I have a logo from my eldest, work from Steven and ideas and kids with ideas. What are we?

  1. Yarn dyeing and pattern creation. Expect lots of good weekly blogs at the, “Goat Rodeo,” on YouTube.
  2. Fashion, darhling. Yes, my number 2 is busy designing and he is very good. Clothing for exercise, and boho casual, without looking unwashed.
  3. Dyed fabric. I’ve jumped in feet first with cotton and silk. I’m really good at it. If you’re expecting realistic art, you’re in the wrong place. I play with color and color on clothing. Which means while I do dye with the same amounts of dye, my fabric is variegated and each piece unique, even if I’m dyeing it with the same process as other colorways. Clothe dyeing gets more variation than yarn.
  4. Is there still yarn? Tons of it. I’ve gone through it all and it’s all current, pretty and me. If you like fun color and playful yarn, and patterns, this is for you.
  5. Are we perfect? No!! Who wants that? Boring. We are innovative and fun. Working here is fun. LFA is in the middle of a renaissance. Expect pictures over the next few days and how we intend to market, so you get your dose of strange us, and the stuff we make, without feeling it’s being shoved down your throat.
  6. Young? Some pieces are, but I can wear them and look as normal as I possibly can.
  7. The Goat Rodeo Fiber Fiesta on YouTube will be up and running later this week. I think you’ll like it. Crazy, mixed with what I’m doing. Don’t expect it to be all about any one thing. It’s all fiber, but all kinds of fiber.

While we are, “supposed,” to stick to one thing and not stray, we would be nuts in a week here. We are the home of ADHD at it’s most hyper and still productive. Our clothing will have a theme, our fiber has a theme. We have a vision, but it’s artistic, without being realistic. Fun, with color mixed on palettes in large flat tubs for dying cotton, soy and other sustainable fabrics. The wool is dyed the way I’ve been dyeing it, only in larger containers. We have a lot of stuff to weed out. Great colors that are too much like things we researched, but not as much us. Could it be something you would like? I suspect so.

So hold on, we’re getting there. It’s been fun and worth the wait. Now, I have fabric to scour and yarn to tie up for dyeing. We are not dyeing as much yarn in the summer. Too hot, for hot dyeing, but the fabric is awesome and we expect to add silk at some point later this year.

Did I mention we finally have good insurance? It’s not possible to enter good shows without good insurance. We have worker bees, happy kids and anyone who wants to opt out, because of Autism, or being too young, has. As fas as models go, we are catering to bohemian yoga and hoop enthusiasts, but these are not camel toe yoga nightmares. I promise, no matter your age, you will find something fun, if quirky is your thing. It’s mine and it has informed us and our designs.

Photo gallery later today. Opening soon. I’m so excited. I finally feel that I have a strong grasp not only of the process, but a vision that encompasses many ages. Call it, Festival Chic. Hmmmm, I like that.

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Goddess of my doublewide. Mom of four boys, and a couple of cats. I have a husband around here somewhere too. It's over twenty years, so he could be dusty. I am the head designer for Liedel Fiber Art and also head, "you don't know what you're doing, you know that, right?" victim. I love travel, my family, reading, designing, imagining and writing.

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