Giveaway and Things Get Moving

When you start a business on the internet of things, you hope for the best. Yes, classes, and being seen are important, but it’s more than that.

The right pictures

The right colors

The right…Well you name it. When you are the head cook and bottle washer, it all seems a bit much. You work on SEO, but then product, and it’s a round robin of learning. Nothing wrong with that. I love learning, but it’s not always easy and despite a rather high IQ score, I am not that bright. This is not a personal, “pity me,” statement, it’s just life. Yes, you appear smart, but in the end, there is only so much my brain can hold and I’m pretty sure it filled up in the ’90’s. I blame the kids.

So, here I am, I am not good at WordPress and Woo Commerce. I am sure Woo Commerce is a perfect platform, not for me, but a very good platform for people who have more time. Hence, the new links to my shopping page, which is on Shopify and my Etsy shop. Etsy, seems easy, but so much work for one listing. Are the words right, SEO, again with the pictures. You get it and if you are a part of selling on the internet, you really get it. Without an extra 10 G’s laying around, a lot has to be learned and re-learned by me and waiting for a sale. Ugh. However I’ve had a few amazing breaks.

The first one is someone in a local yarn shop saw my work and contacted me. I’m now doing a trunk show at Ophir Yarn this weekend and will be supplying mini-skeins for their grand re-opening.  I can’t tell you how amazing that experience has been. I am also in a Fiber Show!! Okay, TWO fiber shows. I will be attending The Fiber Expo in Saline, MI in both the spring and fall and I’m finally getting views on my Etsy shop. Instagram is going well too, a lot of new followers and heck, I’m learning. Did I mention this is not a get-rich-quick scheme? The internet is a slow moving current that will carry you along, but you do need to dip your paddle in and learn SEO. What I call, Secret Enveloping Optimism. Meaning, it’s a secret, it envelopes your time and makes you optimistic every single time you change something. Like trying to hit the pinata, blindfold included, while being pointed in fifteen directions. The secret sauce of the search is just that, a secret and while you can get close, you may never hit it.

Then, there is Facebook.  Do you have a love/hate relationship with Facebook? I love the interaction, I hate the time I sink into Facebook when I am avoiding work that I detest. Yes, even a job you create has parts of it you don’t like. For me, it’s re-skeining yarn, but that part of dyeing is important so everyone can see what the yarn will look like closer to being made into knit, or crochet fabric. You need to re-skein, or be on trend. Since I am more enduring with my choice of dye colors and not trendy, I need to rely on re-skeining.

Am I making having your own business sound like hard work? Yes. Because it is and anyone who tells you otherwise is not embroiled in the throws of doing what they love, because there are always parts you don’t love, in anything, but is it worth it? YES! For me it’s the ultimate freedom to learn all the time, have fun and get things done, while being at home with my special needs boys. What challenges do you face as a dyer, business owner, or even an employee? I’d love to know.

About Nancy Liedel

Goddess of my doublewide. Mom of four boys, and a couple of cats. I have a husband around here somewhere too. It's over twenty years, so he could be dusty. I am the head designer for Liedel Fiber Art and also head, "you don't know what you're doing, you know that, right?" victim. I love travel, my family, reading, designing, imagining and writing.

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