JJ is Ten! How did that happen?

JJ is ten
Gerald Julian “JJ” Liedel at 9.


JJ is Ten Years Old!

It’s my youngest son’s birthday today, I am going to cry, he is ten. TEN!!!! When did that happen? I’ve been in delusion for a long time now. He is, thankfully short. Okay, maybe in life it is best to be tall, for jobs, etc, but JJ is adorable and this year has made. huge progress in dealing with his temper and learning in school.

JJ has Dyspraxia

JJ has dyspraxia. One in ten kids have it. Think back to school. I know, it’s a leap for some. I know it’s huge for me. Now, I am NOT telling you to diagnose people you knew. I’m just asking you to pick ten random people. One could not hold a pencil, color in the lines, didn’t really fit in. Maybe they lost their temper, or cried. Yes, in my group it was probably me. Although, I am more large motor dyspraxic, than fine motor. Remember the rope from Hell in gym? I’m never going to get up that thing. It’s not happening. I do not have the gross motor skills. JJ has fine motor skills. He can hunt and peck type a mile a minute. He cannot hold a pencil.

JJ is not stupid. Far from it. The many times the school tried to give him an adapted IQ test, his numbers were not obtainable. Not because he is dumb, he thinks way outside the box. He is a genius in a little blond eating machine that has cute all over it. When he is good, he is very, very good. When he is bad, he has no words that express his anger and watch out!! Dyspraxia. A catch-all term for, “I can’t make my mind mold like that. Hey, you better duck, cause I’m tossing something. Furniture is a likely candidate.”

He will spend time in research and tell you how to fix everything that is wrong with the universe. He does not have plans that are what I would call workable, but for ten…He thinks through things. Fascinated by the news, history and life. To JJ the most complex problem can be brought down to a very finite point. “I think if God is out there, he is totally more awesome that we have free will, and the universe took a long time to get right, than it was done in a week. Allowing it to take time and brew makes it better. Everyone knows great things take time.”

The kernel of that idea came from me. He took it and ran with it, reformed it into something more understandable and voilà! It’s a re-think, by JJ..

JJ Loves Physics

“I can explain the multiverse to you again, if you want. It’s very easy. Of course it follows Einstein’s theories nicely, until you get to the quantum level…” Now, until here, you have him repeating what Quantum Physicist Michio Kaku says about it, but he can go so far beyond what I get from what Dr. Kaku says. Just susses it out and it makes sense to JJ. To me, yes, on some level the science is a dance of gorgeous joy, that goes beyond anything I could ever understand, but think is precious. However, JJ “gets.” it. He can really delve into it in his mind.

JJ has few goals in life. Getting through the moment and curing cancer. I suspect he will go into serious math. Right now, he hates math. He thinks it’s silly. However, when he gets to Calculus, he will probably change his mind. That Newton invented it, and had many of the problems JJ had, not especially social, a bit of an egomaniac, lost in his brain-pain, is amazing to JJ. While many find Newton full of character flaws, JJ is with Neil deGrasse Tyson. He thinks what Newton did changed the world and is still changing it.

Pretty awesome for ten. The issue that bothers me is that if JJ were born when I was, he would have been locked away in a closed classroom and told to learn basics and never expect to be anything more than retarded. We have not come very far, as a race, but that we are, at least in Ann Arbor, MI 2014, not doing that. Seeing him as an individual. Not a special snowflake, but a flake that is not like any other flake. That we are all flakes in the glacier of time, is fabulous. That we allow ourselves to be flattened into the alignment ice in a glacier does, and serve our fellow man…I guess we have grown in many ways.

JJ’s Birth and change.

Today I celebrate the uniqueness of JJ. Twelve minutes of hard labor, a scary pregnancy and ten years of wonder and disbelief. Both at the things he does to amaze me, and horrify. We have to watch him, but he’s adorable, so it’s okay.

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