Knitting and EXCITEMENT!

I hired a real website designer and I love her. LOVE HER!! I’ll do a post all about her in the future. Heck, she might deserve a podcast.

What am I doing? Knitting. Knitting my yarn, other’s, creating patterns. Having fun. Dyeing silk shawls and basically getting ready to really open. I feel like I have good support now and direction. Ready to take on the universe and HEAD INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN!!!

I have my niche, my ideas and my yarns. Now, photograph, describe and post.

I’m planning to focus my energy here, with a small Etsy presence. For now, that’s what is best for me.

For you? Coupons, e-mails of ridonkulous me and fun. If you aren’t having fun, why bother? I don’t pretend a challenge in fiber arts is not challenging, but I want it to be squishy and enjoyable.

I’m currently working on several things and making progress. Mostly hats for my kids friends, but other things too.

Purple and black hat
I was knitting this hat for a whole 3 hours!

Three cowl patterns that are lovely. I really am proud of them. They are getting put into my EnVision Knit Design Studio and will be available on Ravelry, for free in the next few weeks.

I am also planning on putting together kits of yarn for them. I really love making cowls and gifting them. They are the perfect little something that can be made by everyone and worn by almost everyone.

It’s cold here, but compared to last winter, not bad at all. Michigan my Michigan. I am planning a weekend getaway with one, or more of my boys in March to photograph the state for inspiration. Waterfalls in the U.P. and all the lakes that border our fair state. I don’t think people in other states know what we have to offer. They think of us as a car manufacturing state. We are so much more. Flat, mountains, water everywhere. It’s a wonderful mix of gorgeous color and vibrancy, even in the last of winter.

So, on I rock and open April 1st. Which has always been my dream, just not this late. Oh well. I love what I do and I have a lot to share. Color is my favorite thing, and knitting, dyeing and playing with it makes my heart soar.

May all your projects be wonderful and finish perfectly.


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