Major Family Weekend

We had one of those major family weekends here.

 Family Bad Stuff

One of my boys had his first real break-up. The other party is acting like a bit of an idiot, and trying to emotionally hurt my son. That sucks and I can’t do much about it. I just have to hold his hand and tell his friends to stop showing him what the ex is posting to Facebook. Since the son blocked the ex.

Family Good Stuff

ORder of the Arrow

Gene-Gene is now a member of the Order of the Arrow. Family Scout!

On the good side, Gene-Gene, 17 achieved the, “Boy Scout Illuminati.” His words, not mine. The Order of the Arrow was a huge secret, but in the ’70’s parents petitioned to witness the proceedings, so they did not have issues with kids keeping potentially odd secrets. It’s not so secret anymore, but G3 is a bit of a dork and demand I not read about it, etc. So, I have this photo and I’ve read about it. He knows about the photo and what I read online does not have to be shared with him. HA! My Order of the Arrow Boy Scout!

JJ took Friday off with dad to go, “downtown,” in Ann Arbor and explore the city. As always it was a foodie trip with JJ and Gene snapped this pic.

JJ with food at the University of MI
JJ is ten. Family loves food!

Herne and JJ both got haircuts this weekend and refuse further photos till it grows out. Otherwise, I’d have photos of Herne. Steven, being the heartbroken son, is not much in the mood for a pictorial session.

I worked. I dyed a colorway from Stargate Atlantis, and two that don’t really have relation to fandom, or nerdy stuff. I just liked the colorways a lot and hope others do as well. The Stargate colorway is a repeat. It’s currently drying and will be photographed in the next couple of days. I really like it. “Todd, the Wraith?” Is a good joke for those who liked the show, but it also has a muted appearance that is a departure from the usual bright colors I dye. I like getting away from my comfort zone, when it works. I’ve dyed it in Sock Yarn, and Sport Weight now.

I also started a cowl with my own yarn. There is something fun about knitting with your own colors. They look good on me and I love them. I crocheted a beret last week in off white and I hated it. I have it in my version of vermillion red at the moment, dyeing it’s little heart out. We shall see.

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