Spring, Why Do We Push? Enjoy The Chill, it Will be HOT Soon.


Spring knitting and crocheting is different from other times of the year. Holidays behind us, we can do something for us. Create patterns, have fun and not rush through projects for an end date we cannot change. This time of year, late winter to early spring is fabulous for selfish knitting, or just enjoying the change of seasons with tea.

Martina Behm knitting.
Martina Behm knitting.

Above: Fibernymph Dye Works and the owner Lisa are awesome. I’m making this Viajante out of three of her lace yarns with silk in it, Elegance Lace. This is one of the blue colors, Midnight. She has a gorgeous range and the lace weights are available at The Loopy Ewe. One of my favorite online shops and a dream to put my yarn there, someday. The Viajante feels light and lovely. Very spring has sprung. I guess I get the fever for warmer weather too.

Face it, we all push for Spring. The holidays are over and it’s time to move to warmer weather. I get that. This year I’m so cold. However, there is a lot of beauty in winter, at least here in Michigan. Our lakes, Great Lakes, filled with ice packs. More than since I was a child. The snow is very snowball friendly. I say enjoy the last of winter and know March goes out like a lamb. Bringing us to a rain slaughter in April.


Sea Protectors
Liedel Fiber Art, Spring Lake. A real lake in Michigan, near my hometown.

Above is a yarn I dyed very light sky blue and sea-breeze. I tried a number of mixes until I got this one. It was claimed for a hat for my son’s bestie.

Wolverine With my, Soft Kitty gradient yarn from, Fiber Nymph Fibers. Soft and squishy
Wolverine With my, Soft Kitty gradient yarn from, Fiber Nymph Fibers. Soft and squishy

I find I want to create light and elegant things. A pi Shawl for pi day. I don’t think it will finish in time. Light shawls to drape over my shoulders on cool summer evenings. I want light clothing, to hula hoop outside…Face it, not happening.

I’m currently knitting my first round, or pi shawl. The pattern appeared to terrify for fun, but it’s almost spring and it feels good to make something light and Lacey. It’s, Slightly Beyond Basic, and it’s free on Ravelry! No photos now. It looks squished. I’m going to do a before and after blocking series, so you can see the lace stretch out and become something amazing. Do you get the impression I love working on it? I do. The rounds make it fun.

So, what’s up in the yarn universe? I’m putting my vlogcast together this weekend and will get it up Monday, warts and all. I am knitting with my yarn now. For pieces I can show off at shows. I’m feeling the light again, just a little more. That is until we begin Daylight Savings time next week and the nights get dark, early.

I’m even working on my studio. A studio? I always called it my formulary, but I am a fiber artist now and with that comes change. Change to Spring, change to me.

I’m not in a hurry warm weather. Others are. Maybe a small bit of cold can settle around me? That would be fun. I could wear my hand-knits and clothing for winter, longer. In other words, just because we get a warm day, don’t put the coat away!!



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