Sunday Quotables, Lemons

Lemons. Another, Sunday Quotables!

Life is lemons, at least some of the time. Who has not experienced a time when life is not what you hoped it would be. A lemon? I know I have. I have wallowed like a water buffalo in the shallow end of the river with crocodiles and I have stepped above it and made my emotional Limoncello. I suggest a lemon of a day is going to happen to all of us. Stop moping and get zesting! Lemons make wonderful Limoncello! Limoncello is an Italian Aperitif best enjoyed icy cold.

Sunday Quotables Lemons
When Life Hands You Lemons

Brought to you by the, “Tini Sisters,” and a drunken moment on a cruise, several years ago.

Please pronounce it, Lim on-Chello.

The Food Network’s Limoncello Recipe. It’s pretty good. Lemons are a hit and the taste is not perfect, but if you can’t get the real thing from Italy, this will do in an emergancy. Remember, keep it in your freezer.

My Limoncello Recipe from real lemons.

This assumes you can get Everclear. Vodka is fine if Everclear is not available, but the Everclear allows the lemons to really zing.

  • 12 lemons
  • A 26 ounce bottle of Everclear (not available in all states)
  • 3.5 cups water – 4 cups (to taste, but not more than four cups)
  • 2.5 cups sugar

Peel just the peel from the lemons,  zest is fine for all of it, but essential for two of the lemons. Cut the zest further with a sharp knife until it is almost mush. No, you can’t cheat and put it in a blender. Please cut this to a very fine shred. You will be drinking this. Take the peel from 2 of the lemons and coat them with sugar, about a Tablespoon. Place this in the fridge and shake every day for 10 days.

Place the rest of the peels in the alcohol in a container and place that in the refrigerator. Shake this twice a day for ten days. Remember, lemon rind only, no white pith. Pith is bitter and bitter is not the flavor we are going for here.

After ten days mix the rest of the sugar and water on the stove and slowly heat it to make a simple syrup. At the last, just as the sugar is all melted in, add the sugar and rinds in the refrigerator to the mix.

Remove the zest from the alcohol with a strainer, but not the zest from the water. Unless it really bothers you. I strain mine through clean cheesecloth.

Mix well, place in freezer, enjoy. This can get a little slushy, but should not freeze all the way. If it does, you have too much water. It’s good for a long time, but honestly, I don’t know how long. It’s never gone bad before I can finish it.

Copyright 2014, Nancy Liedel, all rights reserved.

Don’t cruise with people who love Limoncello and demand you enjoy it with them, all the time. You’ll have a headache and get so addicted, you make it yourself. At least that’s what happened to me. I’m so enamoured of the stuff, I’ve been trying to dye the perfect color for it. Not just yellow, but THE yellow of the limoncello. Don’t know what that is? Don’t drink alcohol? Well, let me tell you, it’s fabu! Often frozen and made from delicious lemons, it’s not sour, but a mix of sweet lemons and sunshine, with enough sour deliciousness tossed in to really make it refreshing. You drink it  small sip at a time, or mix it, but it’s always best served freezing cold as an apéritif on a ship sailing through the Caribbean on a hot evening, right before a formal dinner. At least that was my experience.



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