Sunday Quotables. What I Say to Get Through!

Sunday Quotables

Quotes and sayings to get you through life. At least that’s the goal.

There is no way through it, but to do it. Sunday Quotables
There is no way through it, but to do it.


New Feature

Sunday Quotables. Every Sunday I will post a .jpg image of something quotable with the person who said it. These are free for you to print out, play with and frame. Just please keep the name of the original author on the page. That’s all I ask. They are all in the public domain, or my own work. Obviously, if they are mine, it’s my name. Duh!

Word Salad, or Melange

I collect odd words, mix them together and live by them. Maybe you will like them too, or maybe something someone said that inspires me, will inspire you. If you have a favorite quote and don’t mind sharing, let me know. If it’s your’s, I’ll credit you and guest feature you. If it’s not, how does it affect change in your life? This quote is a favorite for during hard moments when there is nothing I can do, but get through the hard bits, so the end is reachable. Races are a favorite place to use this bit of wisdom. I’ve heard it put in a similar manner, but never as I say it. If you have heard it said by someone else, it’s famous, etc, let me know. I never want to step on anyone’s copyrighted toes. It’s important to me.

Just getting through life

I live by the words I put into these .jpg’s. I always have and I gather strength from them through every phase of my life. Sometimes, it’s just getting through one day at a time. Sometimes, it’s the end of a long road, or a part of my job I detest, but must do to get to the parts I love. You never know what you’re going to get and that’s life. I won’t quote, “Gump,” here. You probably know that one.

So, welcome to Sunday Quotables!

These will show up on my Pinterest Page under the heading, Sunday Quotables.


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